harvest wine making

Let the wine making begin

Saturday it was a busy day. Eight hardy workers arrived at the crack of dawn early to take grapes off our magic hill vineyard. A flatbed trailer arrived from Central Fabricating with our wine making equipment shortly thereafter.

With clever ingenuity and two helpers to bucket must from the crusher destemmer into the fermentor, we processed the grapes on Sunday even though our hoses were back ordered and we had no running water. It was more like walking water with multiple trips to the water tower for buckets of water.

I pitched the yeast,cleaned up, and headed back to Toronto in the wee hours.


We’ll harvest our whites next…pinot gris and chardonnay.  They looked great this weekend…nice and plump and ripe and delicious.  With the rain today and now in the forecast, it’s a game of hope and luck that they will be as nice next weekend,when our family and friends join in the fun at our annual harvest party.

1 comment on “Let the wine making begin

  1. Sorry we can’t be out there helping this weekend! We’re sure that things are going well, though, and we’re looking forward to updates on the harvest!

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