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Come into our tasting room this summer;  we’ll talk about passion and the pursuit of big ideas while you try our delicious 2013 Chardonnay .

On Saturday the Ontario Wine Society was kind enough to invite Broken Stone Winery to share our wines and our vision at an event in Wellington.  We rubbed shoulders with other City refugees who are now winemakers.  Some have made the leap to live in the County full time.  Some make money in City careers, to spend it in the County on their vineyards.  All make wonderful wines.

When it was my turn to speak,  I was humbled to share the spotlight with talented winemakers from Lacey Estates, Lighthall, and Hubbs Creek.   Instead of the wine, I talked about the challenge of balancing the growing dreams of our children with our vineyard visions.  Our girls are entering their teen years and have big city dreams only the City may satisfy, so we may be straddling City and County for a while yet.  But we think everyone’s dreams have a time to be realized and we support each other one hundred percent.  And in a way, we’re living our dream now.

After my talk, we toasted our dreams with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Great Event.  Thanks Ontario Wine Society!

Entrepreneur, Winegrower and Father. I write about going for your dreams, living authentically, raising a family and building a winery from scratch in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

2 comments on “Big Dreams Ahead

  1. Johanne Duval

    You are great parents and hard workers. May all your dreams come true.

  2. Louis Sirois

    Conhratulations on being young, tough and enthusiastic. May all your dreams come true! Please give Claudette a hug for us and tell her that we have Renee in our prayers. Happy Easter to you all. Joanna

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