Rock Cakes

Who needs a pan when you have rocks!

“OK, who brought the frying pan?  What?!  We forgot the frying pan?!”

Mother’s day falls right in the middle of one of the busiest vineyard seasons – pruning.  We never can quite keep ahead of the budding of the vines.  But you have to take time to celebrate the important things that knit a family together — like mothers.

A few years ago, the plan had been to make pancakes, but we had no frying pan.  We had to use something else.  Fortunately, something we have in endless supply is rocks.  If you use a rock to make your pancakes instead of a pan, logically they are Rock Cakes!

The girls found the flattest, largest rock they could carry,  cleaned the gritty bits off, and lit a hot fire.  By the time their Mom awoke, we had fried up the most delicious Rock Cakes she had ever had.   Mother’s day disaster was averted, and a tradition was born.

Each year on Mother’s Day we still make Rock Cakes, even though we have a frying pan on hand.  We stoke up a fire.  The girls find a flat rock, we make our Rock Cakes, smother them in locally farmed maple syrup, and celebrate fond  memories at the vineyard.

List of things needed to make Rock Cakes 

1. A positive attitude

2. One large flat rock, not too thick, preferable with some fossils to make it interesting.

3. Instant Pancake Batter

4. Lots and lots of vegetable oil (that’s the secret to good rock cakes)

5. A small hot fire

6. A positive attitude

7. A spatula

8. Maple syrup

9. Alternative breakfast food as a backup in case the Rock Cakes don’t turn out.

Entrepreneur, Winegrower and Father. I write about going for your dreams, living authentically, raising a family and building a winery from scratch in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

2 comments on “Rock Cakes

  1. david toyne

    love it. well done!!


    Are you telling me you had Rock Cakes THIS Mother’ Day? Must have been fun. See ya’ll soon. Irene.

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