A Beautiful DayLast Sunday we took a break from tending vines and closed the gate so no one could come down the lane.  The talented & bubbly Jill Promoli had arrived to shoot family photos.  It’s something we always wanted to do and never seemed to find the time.

At one point we contemplated using “Trois Soeurs” as name… perhaps one day we’ll use that on one of our labels.

You can check out more pictures at www.jillpromoli.com

Entrepreneur, Winegrower and Father. I write about going for your dreams, living authentically, raising a family and building a winery from scratch in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

4 comments on “Les Trois Soeurs

  1. Johanne Duval

    OH MY GOODNESS……..your family is beautiful and the pics with Nana are priceless….made me want to cry with awe………just lovely….precious indeed…………..hugs……

  2. wporatto@rogers.com

    Gorgeous picture but then again, she had 3 gorgeous subjects to work with. Wil & Claire

  3. what a beautiful family you have and so lucky your dream is coming true, girls are so grown up since I last saw them, thanks for keeping me on your email list. elsie

  4. Sheila Fisher

    What a beautiful family! Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time….Love reading about your experiences, wow, a lot of hard work goes into making your wonderful wines. Keep living your dream!

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