Ostraticky Grape Hoe

Ostraticky Grape Hoe

It’s not a weekend out at the vineyard without something breaking.  This weekend I was happily weeding my grapes with this piece of equipment, an Ostraticky grape hoe.  Driving up and down the rows with the hoe is mind-numbingly  slow:  there are 68 rows and it takes 5 minutes a row.  After a few hours I was a getting a little zoned out.  So when I noticed a giant spring lying on the ground in the row I had just hoed, it took me a few minutes to process.  I thought “hey, a giant spring!  I haven’t seen that before…wait a sec… where did that come from?… probably from my tractor… but it still seems to be working… ”

I stopped and did an inspection, and figured out that the broken spring was formerly part of the grape hoe.

When I got back to Toronto I emailed Agri-flex in Montreal, a supplier.  By Tuesday I had a new, improved spring and now I’m itching to try it out.



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