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A Lazy Sunday in the County

On a lazy Sunday afternoon in August, our sunflowers are at the height of their glory.

Our new sign framed by blue sky and orange sunflowers

We’re into the last month of summer now.  Veraison — the ripening event where the grapes transform from green to purple and gold — is well under way.  Sunflowers are in full bloom beside the winery and a gentle breeze rustles in the poplars.  Bees buzz through our pumpkins’ just-blooming flowers, alongside pumpkins that are like green basketballs.

My enterprising girls Ellie and Anika set up a table beside the pathway into the winery, offering ice water made with refreshing mint from the garden.

A great day to be in the country and a lazy summer Sunday to be thankful for.

Anika and Ellie offer wine tourists tastings of ice cold water flavoured with fresh mint from our garden

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1 comment on “A Lazy Sunday in the County

  1. Great shots Tim. Love these updates. Could use a glass of mint water!!

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