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Time for Some Exuberance

Something cool is happening today – our sparkling Riesling is being launched in LCBO stores across Ontario for a six week promotion.  Exuberance is a great sparkler to celebrate the holidays.   If you know a little of our story, you should pick up a bottle to share with your friends and family.

We are grateful for this little splash of exposure.  It’s funny how things happen — we didn’t event know how Vintages works when one of the product managers visited our booth at a wine trade show.  She tried our wines, and told us we should think about submitting Exuberance to Vintages for a holiday release.  We followed up with a meeting and various administrative steps to get it done, and in October a van came by our winery to pick up a few cases for a limited Vintages release.   Now our Exuberance has far more distribution than we dreamed — at least for the next six weeks.

Cheers to a little bit of luck !

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 7.14.48 AM

Entrepreneur, Winegrower and Father. I write about going for your dreams, living authentically, raising a family and building a winery from scratch in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

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