Broken Stone Winery

524 Closson Road

Hillier, Ontario  K0K 2J0


From Toronto (approx. 2 hrs)
Take Hwy 401 East
Take the Wooler Road/Exit 522, toward Trenton
Turn right on Wooler Road
Turn right onto Loyalist Parkway (Route 33)
Turn left onto Schoharie Road/CountyRoad 1
Turn right onto Chase Road
Turn left onto Closson Road
Broken Stone Winery  – 524 Closson Road.

From Ottawa/Montréal (approx. 3-4 hrs)
Take 401 West toward Belleville
Take the Hwy 62S exit 543A, toward Belleville
Stay straight to go onto Provincial Route 62/N Front St.
Continue to follow Front St. N.
Turn right onto Dundas St. E./Route 2
Turn left onto Bay Bridge Rd./Route 62
Continue on Provincial Road 62
Turn right onto County Rd 2
Turn right onto Closson Rd
Broken Stone Winery – 524 Closson Rd.

17 comments on “Contact

  1. Jennifer Wilson

    We happened upon this winery on the May 2013 long weekend. What a wonderful welcome from Tim and Micheline (and their very friendly dog!). Great presentation and descriptions. Both the 2010 and 2011 are lovely, and the 2011 will be a real gem in a couple of years. Wine lovers, be sure to visit Broken Stone soon, and support this lovely family in their new venture! Jennifer & Foster, Kingston.

  2. Sheila Fisher

    Hi Tim! This is Sheila Fisher, originally from the Hanover area. I believe you may be the Tim Kuepfer that I went to JDSS with (just a few years ago….of course). I played in band (clarinet). I think you were one year behind me. Apparently we’re neighbours. We (Tom and I) live on Carter Rd., just north of #1, and just west of #2. What a small world….huh… :^)

    • Hi Sheila! The world’s a small place and the years fly by… Of course I remember you but I can’t be guaranteed to recognize you if I see you… after all, it has been almost thirty years. High School Band was a lot of fun. Drop by some weekend if you have time and say hi.

      • John Smith

        Hi Tim

        Susan and I will be in Prince Edward County next weekend (August 8-10) for an antique car tour. We heard about your winery through our friend Bob Plunkett (your daughter’s music teacher), and are planning a visit to Broken Stone. The timing will depend on our tour routes. We’ll wait to see which day finds us in or near Hillier.

        Bob gave us a bottle of your Pinot Noir, and we really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you soon. If there’s a day when you won’t be at the winery, perhaps you could let us know. My email is .

        And Sheila, if you get this message, it would be great to see you, too. I have the happiest memories of each of you.


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  4. Anita Shrier

    We just had a bottle of the 2013 PinotX2 and it was extraordinary . I am not a pinot noir fan so was really impressed – I truly enjoyed every sip. We are dismayed to find that it is sold out….we want to buy a case! Please put us on your list for the next vintage. Anita and Larry, Ottawa ON

  5. Susan Hanko

    We visited your winery during Wassail and you let me taste your Chardonnay from the vat. It was wonderful and just my style. When will it be available for sale?


  6. Your wines are awesome. Summer coming officially and we need to be ready! Before to go at your winery, I would like to know if you still have your amazing olive oil. The Old Village olive oil.


    • Thanks Stephane! We do have some olive oil and we’re asking our Greek friend Louis to bring us some more.


      • Hi Stephane,
        Just wanted to give you an update. We had an unexpected run on our olive oil sales today and temporarily sold out. We will have more by the weekend of June 13.

  7. We were on an impromptu visit to “The County” particularly to see another festival and we drove past this beautiful winery and returned to do a tasting. We were especially interested in the Chardonnay and promptly purchased three. This is a lovely Chardonnay that sat beautifully on my palate and I would recommend it to anyone interested in this wine. It is not aggressive and not what I would call pretentious – just a lovely wine for poultry or cheese entree. July 4 weekend – 2015

    The winery is small yet with great plans – we enjoyed meeting some of the family and of course the family dog!

  8. Elisabeth (Betsy) MacKinnon

    Harvest party this year?

    • Hi Elsie,
      Yes we are having the Harvest Party once again! It will be all weekend October 7 and 8, but the big day this time will be on the Sunday, when we have the grape stomp, food, extra guests and “The Vaudevillian” will perform.
      Lots of grapes this year, it should be a great harvest.
      I hope that you and your family are all doing well.

  9. Manoj Devineni

    Hi Tim,

    Your blogs are interesting and inspiring. I see that you grow Vitis Vinifera which are very susceptible to rots using organic and sustainability methods. How are you able to make these two opposite poles meet. Appreciate your brave efforts.

    • Thanks for reading our blog. That is a great question. In our climate we do have challenges with fungus attacking the grape vine leaves and fruit. We mitigate this by intensively training and pruning the vines, controlling weeds, ensuring good airflow and pulling leaves away from the fruit. However, as with most vineyards it is necessary to spray fungicides on the leaves periodically in a preventative measure. We carefully choose the products and use the minimal amount that is effective to prevent infections. For example, although copper is organically approved, we avoid it because elemental copper does not degrade in the environment, but instead is a heavy metal that builds up in the soil. We prefer to use biologically-derived products that break down completely.

      We say we are on a sustainability journey to recognize that we always need to examine our farming and business practices so that not only are they environmentally friendly, but that we are an enduring farm and business.
      For us sustainability means respecting the land so that it remains fertile for generations to come, respecting the environment, adopting new technology where we can, while running a sustainable enterprise. We do not claim to be organic.

      Our main focus right now in this area is enriching the soils through cover crop, green manure, , manure and adopting row covers versus hilling up over the plants for the winter. Establishing these practices is a multi year project. Next on our list is reducing our reliance on fossil fuels through the use of solar and ground-source heat, as well as using animals to control vegetation. We also want to build a home from local materials that occur naturally on our farm. We are interested in doing some organic spray trials with compost teas, but it will have to wait for future years when the kids require less attention and we live here full time.

      So that’s where the opposite poles meet for us. Our ideas far outstrip our resources so we need to do everything gradually over time.

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