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Arctic Vortexes and Survival of the Vines

People keep asking, how dd the grapes do this Winter?

I won’t exactly know until the buds break, but I think we in the County survived OK.  We go to such enormous effort each Fall to heap soil over the vines to protect them from Winter.  This year, frost came into the ground so abruptly,  I almost had to give up.  Here’s a blog entry from way back in November that gives you an idea of how our hilling up went this past Fall.

That perseverance  will really pay off this year!

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2 comments on “Arctic Vortexes and Survival of the Vines

  1. Wonderful story of your fall struggles. So glad it paid off. How’s that Pinot Noir aging?

    • Hi Veronica,
      One of the best parts of wine making is testing the product.
      Micheline and I tested a bottle of the new Pinot Noir in our home environment. It’s a “bigger” Pinot than we’ve made before; we hand pulled all the leaves away from the fruit to expose them to the sun, we aged 50% in new French oak for a few months, and the vines are getting older each year.
      We both loved it, but there are a few more steps to go before bottling, and then we’ll let it rest awhile before sharing it with people. I can hardly wait.
      Thanks for commenting!
      Tim & Miche

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